BTN: Solar System

The Solar System has 8 planets. Every year Earth circles around the Sun one time. Someday scientists think that Earth will be destroyed by the Sun when it becomes bigger.

How long will it take for the Earth to be destroyed by the Sun? Will the Sun destroy Uranus as well?

I understand that it will take a long time for the Sun to destroy Earth.



100 wc

” I need to play Tanki Online, please mum.” Whined Jack. ” Why should you?” Said, mum. ” Because I said so, mum.” Complained Jack. ” Fine. ” Sighed mum. ” Yesssss.” Hissed Jack and ran off to play Tanki Online with his friends. He met them by the park and they all had their netbooks with them. They had all opened their netbooks but then cloaked figure came out with a gun and said: ” Give me your netbooks or else!” We silently handed over our computers all of us were trembling. The figure disappeared into a parked car. All of the kids went home to tell their parents about the terrible event that just happened



Scientists launched and successfully landed a Mars rover on Mars. When a fast object comes into the atmosphere it catches on fire. It is the first large rover to land on Mars. How does the rover survive from the heat of the atmosphere when it comes? How long did it take for the scientists to make the rover? I understand that it would have taken quite a long time to make the Mars rover.

Book review for 100 minutes of danger

This book was alright because it had good descriptive words. But I didn’t like it because it kept changing characters. It also had a nice sentence structure. Every book had a new character and you couldn’t understand the characters as well as other books. This is a good book for people who like constant action. Overall it was a pretty good book and I think that everyone enjoyed it.

100 word challenge

I was lining up for the shot. Sweat poured down my back as I put the ball on the penalty dot. My whole team was relying on me to make this shot. It was the grand final and we were down 2-1. It was the last minute and it reminded me of a time when I had missed a penalty similar to this. I did not want the same to happen here. I took my run up and smashed the ball. Straight to the keeper. The crowd sighed in despair and most walked away to their car. How did I miss?

100 wc

I think that these hands were an ancient god’s hands. I think that the god has been buried underground for so long, only the hands show now. I think that in a few hundred years, the whole statue will be buried under the earth. The thing that the god is holding is probably a thing that the god uses to channel his power. It could be like a wand or something. I think that this god is the god of the underworld because he is buried beneath the ground. I think that an ancient civilization buried it.

100 wc

YAY! We are going car shopping! But what colour should it be? I want a white convertible  Ferrari with a boot that opens by itself. The car shop is ages away!!! it is such a long drive! It is a 2-minute drive!!! So long right? When we get there a slimy salesman in a suit walks up to us. ” Hey, mates.” calls the man. “Are ya hav’n a good day, mates?” ” Well, I don’t care about your wellbeing just gimme the cash bro.” We were so shocked that we drove straight off and vowed never to get a car again.

100 wc

Joshua ran through the forest, branches tearing at his clothes. He was running from his arch-enemy, Jeffy Jr. He could hear the shouts from the bullies as they crashed through the forest. They were gaining. Josh ran faster, his heart beating 100 km an hour. He came into a clearing and hid in some bushes. His arch-enemy and his cronies stormed into the clearing. Joshua tried to run back into the forest but he slipped on a rock and fell flat on his face. “Let’s get ‘im boys” snarled his arch-enemy. Joshua braced himself for the incoming pain.

100 wc

Blood spurted from his mouth as I hit him smack bang in the face. I know what your thinking; why would you do that? I don’t know why I did it really. I guess I did it because he was being mean to my friends? He called my best friend a stupid idiot. I don’t like it when people insult my friends. I reckon I’m going to get in trouble though. My parents will be really mad. Then the principal came in. Oh, boy was he mad. Come to my office you two!

100 Word Challenge

The magic door makes all your dreams come true. If you want to be a really good footy player, the door will make you one. But, If you step into the wrong side of the door then your latest nightmares will come true. If you dreamt you were getting eaten by sharks, then that would become reality. The door is a mysterious object. It moves around to a different place every minute, so not many people have actually seen it, let alone got through it. Scientists are still trying to solve the mysteries of the door.