May 22

Reflection for online privacy

I learned that privacy is about controlling your online world. Scammers can use cute puppies to lure people into giving them money. They can also get you to pay money by pretending that they have a company and that they have a 50% off deal. You need to have secure passwords on your games or apps otherwise the hackers will give you a virus. 12% of young people have been experiencing fraud or having a virus.  You can protect your software by having strong security systems and strong passwords.

May 16

100 word challenge: magical animal

Mud shifted beneath the river bed. A huge creature with the body of a crocodile and the head of a lion. He shook his mane to get the water out. He lived in Metsotopia. He was extremely territorial and roared at every animal who tried to drink from his water hole. He lived alone and lived off killing the barracuda and whatever animal was stupid enough to come near him. His sharp teeth were able to tear through flesh as easily as a knife cutting through butter. Everything left him alone for fear of being his next meal.

May 16

Herald Sun: Kids News

Volcanoes have been erupting in Hawaii. All of the locals have had to gather their pets and leave. The lava there can get up to 1150 Celsius!! Are there more volcanoes around the erupting around now too? Are there more active volcanoes in Hawaii? I understand that most of the volcanoes ore in the Ring of Fire. 

May 9

100 word challenge: when did it arrive?

I was inside my parent’s house. It was very boring. I was so bored I decided to look out the window. Outside the window was Godzilla tearing up skyscrapers!” When did it arrive?” I said. I ran out the back door to see if it was still there. It was. I couldn’t believe it. Then, the army came and used their AK-47s to blow Godzilla to bits! I couldn’t believe that either! I came back into the house just as mum was walking through the door. I told her how I saw Godzilla getting blown up, but of course she didn’t believe me.

May 9

Herald Sun: Kids News

Lightning strikes in Victoria are making bushfires. Also, a tropical storm hit Darwin and a mahogany tree crushed someone’s house! There is also another big bushfire in New South Whales. How powerful was the tropical storm? Where in Victoria did the bushfires affect? I understand that bushfires can be caused by someone just dropping a cigarette.


light green: facts

blue: questions

dark green: understandings

May 2

100 word challenge

The Gravedigger frantically groped at the earth trying to get at the jewels lying beneath King Charles’s feet. he used his shovel to hack slowly away at the tough earth. He could see the lanterns of the nightwatchmen swinging about in the dark and remembered he didn’t have much time, so he went faster. The misty air curled about his feet, making it hard to see as he finally broke through to the body and jewels below. Eyes wide with excitement, he grabbed the jewels and was off. He had just run a few meters when he heard someone shout, a gun went off and his body jerked as the bullet tore through his skin, crimson blood filling the air. Then, there was silence.

May 2

BTN: Ring of Fire

This BTN was about the Ring of Fire. It showed some earthquakes that caused tsunamis in Samoa & Indonesia. They showed that there is a ring around North America and Aisa. That is where lots earthquakes and volcanoes happen. Do lots of earthquakes happen around other parts of the globe too? Does Australia get lots of earthquakes as well? I understand that most of the earthquakes that happen are in the Ring of Fire.


Green: facts          Red: questions           Blue: understandings


April 24

100 word challenge: Bronze legs

I think that native tribesmen came and made these legs. They must have worked all day and all night to bring the bronze back and forth between their village and the giant legs. They made the legs because they wanted to have something to pray to. It must have been the god of long legs. That particular trib must have a connection with the god of long legs. Every night they would dance around the legs and then at the end they would pray, then go back to the village. The legs have been there ever since.

April 24

BTN: Anzac Day

We celebrate Anzac day on the day of a battle of world war 1. This kid called Anzac had a great great grandfather who fought in that battle. The kid and his family parade down the streets on Anzac day, with the medals of their grandfather pinned to their shirts. 

How did they find the medals? How did they find the kid to talk to him?

I understand that New Zealand helped us as well.

green: facts

blue: questions

black: Understandings


April 23

BTN: soccer kids

The Socceroos are the best in the Asia cup. Then more kids are training to be famous soccer players. There is a team called the Skillaroos, they are all kids and they are training to be professionals. Are there more teams of kids wanting to be professionals? If so, are there some that want to be famous but don’t get the chance? I understand that not all of the Skillaroos will get to be pros.:(


green= facts