100 word challenge

I was walking along a bridge one day when I saw huge, pink daffodils sprinkling down into the water beneath me. I stretched over the bridge to grab a large daffodil as it floated past. I missed. I fell into the river with a large splash. I floundered in the water for a few moments then I swam to the bank. I was freezing cold and dripping wet. I ran back to my house in the woods to get some new clothes. I changed into some dry clothes and decided I wouldn’t go swimming in that river ever again.


The water in Cape Town was fading fast. People had been limited to only 50 liters a day! There is a deadline for when the drink taps will stop producing water! Will the deadline be moved forward any more by water saving? Will the Commonwealth step in to help? I understand that the drought could end any time. 




dark green=understandings

should all kids have to play sport?

Do you want your kid to be fit and healthy all their life? This writing will take you through the reasons why all kids should play sport. Do you want your kid to have a happy life? If you do, this is the perfect text for you!


Your kid could play any type of sport! It doesn’t have to be a team sport, if your kid likes working independently, then they could do a sport like tennis or swimming. The Australian Sports Camp says that in Australia 1 in 4 kids are overweight. We want to change that!


Does your kid play video games all day? Having to play a sport would be a welcome distraction from the screens. Then your kid would be going to netball practice instead of sitting on the couch all day.


If your kid plays on the playground at school but then goes home and eat chips all day, then it just isn’t enough. They need some after-school sports to really liven them up.


See! This gave you lots of reasons why your kid should have to play a sport. Your child will not be overweight. They will be fit and healthy and they will enjoy life more. Sign your child up for a sporting program today and you will not regret it!



This BTN was about the flooding in Pakistan. It shows the UN trying to help the people find their family and give them money to rebuild their homes. It could take years for the city to be rebuilt. How many people lost family members during that flood? Do the UN warn people before things like this happen? I understand that it is hard to predict such things.




100 word challenge

Under the spiky layering, there is a juicy ripe core that is filled with nutrients. The locals go up to this tree every day to collect its fruit. The fruit falls to the ground in summer and is best in the summer. If the fruit came alive the spikes on its shell could shoot off like missiles. The fruit would run away from the villages and the villages would chase after it for the were dependant on it. But the fruit does not come alive and the villages can keep picking the fruit for as long as they want.

Herald Sun

A huge rift is opening in Africa! In 50 million years Africa will be split in two! All of the people are taking photos next to it but it may be no laughing matter. What will the people of Africa do when their continent is split apart. Will they abandon the part of Africa that splits off? I understand that a few people could fall down the trench if they’re not being careful enough.

100 word challenge

I walked to my soccer game at the park just 6 houses down the road. We were supposed to play the best team in the competition and I did not want to mess up today. When I got to the park everyone was there and we started the game immediately. We played as hard as we could, but at halftime, we were losing 5-2. The coach told us that we were diving in to get the ball and pressure the player instead. But then I kept diving in and we ended up losing 5-4. The coach told me that I had to stop diving in but I said, ” But I didn’t understand the instructions! “

Reflection for online privacy

I learned that privacy is about controlling your online world. Scammers can use cute puppies to lure people into giving them money. They can also get you to pay money by pretending that they have a company and that they have a 50% off deal. You need to have secure passwords on your games or apps otherwise the hackers will give you a virus. 12% of young people have been experiencing fraud or having a virus.  You can protect your software by having strong security systems and strong passwords.

100 word challenge: magical animal

Mud shifted beneath the river bed. A huge creature with the body of a crocodile and the head of a lion. He shook his mane to get the water out. He lived in Metsotopia. He was extremely territorial and roared at every animal who tried to drink from his water hole. He lived alone and lived off killing the barracuda and whatever animal was stupid enough to come near him. His sharp teeth were able to tear through flesh as easily as a knife cutting through butter. Everything left him alone for fear of being his next meal.

Herald Sun: Kids News

Volcanoes have been erupting in Hawaii. All of the locals have had to gather their pets and leave. The lava there can get up to 1150 Celsius!! Are there more volcanoes around the erupting around now too? Are there more active volcanoes in Hawaii? I understand that most of the volcanoes ore in the Ring of Fire.