Should all kids have to do coding?



Do you want your kid to have a successful career? Then coding is perfect for your kid! Without coding your kid may not get a good job. Do you really want that? Here are the reasons why you should sign your kid up for coding today!


Do you want your kid to have no logic skills? If your kid doesn’t do coding, they will develop no computer skills. I don’t know much about computers because I didn’t do coding. Your kid could be different! I only know a little bit, but that is because I did coding in a different country. If your kid doesn’t know much about computers, coding would help them a lot.


Do you want your kid to have no job when they grow up? Most easy jobs to get into these days are coding jobs. If your kid doesn’t do coding now, they may have no job when they grow up. My dad grew up learning logic skills on a farm. That’s how he learned. But now, not many kids grow up on farms, so we have to rely on modern coding sites. Coding sites can help. Get your kid onto a coding site twice a week, and you can make a difference!


Do you want your kid to have no problem-solving skills? With coding, your kid would have much better problem-solving skills. Do you want your kid to be bullied and they have no solution to stop it? I did coding, and it made me learn about problem-solving by giving me puzzles and so I had to figure out the steps to solve it. If you do coding it makes your kid not fear failure. If you get your child to do coding, your kid will have a fun, bully-free life.


See! Lots of reasons why coding is great for your kid! Get your kid off the video games and get them planning for life!




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