should all kids have to play sport?

Do you want your kid to be fit and healthy all their life? This writing will take you through the reasons why all kids should play sport. Do you want your kid to have a happy life? If you do, this is the perfect text for you!


Your kid could play any type of sport! It doesn’t have to be a team sport, if your kid likes working independently, then they could do a sport like tennis or swimming. The Australian Sports Camp says that in Australia 1 in 4 kids are overweight. We want to change that!


Does your kid play video games all day? Having to play a sport would be a welcome distraction from the screens. Then your kid would be going to netball practice instead of sitting on the couch all day.


If your kid plays on the playground at school but then goes home and eat chips all day, then it just isn’t enough. They need some after-school sports to really liven them up.


See! This gave you lots of reasons why your kid should have to play a sport. Your child will not be overweight. They will be fit and healthy and they will enjoy life more. Sign your child up for a sporting program today and you will not regret it!


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