100 word challenge

The Gravedigger frantically groped at the earth trying to get at the jewels lying beneath King Charles’s feet. he used his shovel to hack slowly away at the tough earth. He could see the lanterns of the nightwatchmen swinging about in the dark and remembered he didn’t have much time, so he went faster. The misty air curled about his feet, making it hard to see as he finally broke through to the body and jewels below. Eyes wide with excitement, he grabbed the jewels and was off. He had just run a few meters when he heard someone shout, a gun went off and his body jerked as the bullet tore through his skin, crimson blood filling the air. Then, there was silence.

3 thoughts on “100 word challenge

  1. This is great! Oh, gee. That suspense man! He got shot! That scares me so bad. My one has a death in it too.
    Please change your background. The cat is cute but it is distracting!
    Same with the mouse, I LOVE Pokemon and I really like Pikachu but please change it, I’m sorry to say but it is distracting. 😛

  2. Q1: It is good because it has lots of suspense in it.
    Q2: Harder words would make this book better.
    Q3: The author wanted you to know is don’t bet a robber otherwise you’ll end up like this guy.
    Q4: Because he wanted to get his homework done
    Q5: That the gravedigger is surrounded by guards.

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