100 word challenge: how did he get up there?????!!!!!

It was a bright sunny day, with the birds chirping and people walking their dogs in the hot afternoon breeze. I was taking a stroll to the park and throw bread to the ducks when he saw a boy up in the tree, dangling by his undies from a large branch with tears in his eyes and I said to him, “what happened to you?” He didn’t answer. ” Are you OK?” ” b-bullies… they-y d-dang-g-led me by t-this branch.” ” You can come down now, your safe with me now.” ” You can come home with me if you want to?” “O-ok.”

BTN: The history of voting

Most women weren’t able to vote before 1990. At some stage, women were allowed to vote, but aborigines weren’t. The voting age was changed to 18 as well.  Why would the government change the voting age? Would people who were 18 make a big protest about changing the voting age to 18?  I understand that it wasn’t a very free voting system before 2000. 

Reflection: Obelix and co.

A roman meets Obelix in the forest and asks to buy the menhir he was carrying. Obelix becomes obsessed with the gold that the roman gives him, and doesn’t want to play with his friends anymore because he is too busy. The other occupants of the village start to get annoyed with Obelix and complain to Asterix. Asterix tells them that they should start making menhir too because the Romans want them so badly. All of the people in the village start making menhirs but then Caeser stops buying them. They Gauls get annoyed because it is all the Romans fault that they started making menhirs anyway and so they attack the Roman camp and have a big banquet after.

100 word challenge: big teacup

No one knows where this mysterious teacup came from, but I have a good idea. I think that the ancient Incas build this teacup. That they used it as a praying stone and prayed to it every full moon. They must have prayed to whichever god was trendy those days.They made it to make sure that humans nowadays would still remember the Incas. They hoped that future civilizations would look at it and say to others, ‘what great builders the Incas were!’ That’s what they were hoping, but obviously, it didn’t come true because no one believes that… except me.

100 word challenge: What if I was in charge?

If I could be in charge of something, it would be the United States of America. That way I could kick Donald Trump out of office, with all his build a wall hocus pocus. I know that there would be a lot of responsibility and work, but it would still be fun. I would also kick out all of the senate’s people, ( because they are Republicans, and support Trump.  I would stop making THE WALL, and make all of the people that didn’t like Donald Trump happy because I have seen them protesting outside the white house. Also, I think that I would make a better president than Donald Trump because he stinks.💩

BTN: Law and order

In the video, there was federal woman, state man and local boy.  They each controlled different parts of  Australia. Local boy deals with all of the stuff like garbage and local buildings. State man controls health, mining and agriculture and law and order. Federal woman controls defence, trading and foreign  affairs.  I wonder if  local, federal, and state always got on so well. Could they keep the peace between each other? I understand that the people still get to have rights.

BTN: Budget taxes

The budget taxes increase with the more money you earn. If you earn a lot of money, you have to pay more. Every person has to give money to the government for taxes. Are there any different types of taxes? If you are very poor, do you still have to give the government money? I understand that a lot of people think that taxes are bad.