Once there was a goldfish. he lived in his bowl, filled with murky brown water, since his owner never cleaned it. Also, his owner had installed a little ladder because he thought it would be funny. Then one day the goldfish decided he’d had enough of this and he sprouted little wings and out he flew! But it had been a long day, and so he stopped to get some food from the fridge, but then his owner swooped down and caught him red-handed, and put him back in his fishbowl. And he lived unhappily ever after. THE END


Some people want to change Australia Day to a different day.Some people are against it too. There have been protests on the street. I wonder if some people want to riot. If so, will the government retaliate with force🤯?  I understand that some people think it is a sad day. A good day to change Australia Day to would be changed to apology day.


In  ancient democracy, most people have the right vote, but some were still left out. Slaves, poor people, and women weren’t allowed to vote. Nowadays, in Australia, people vote for representatives. I wonder what government Russia is? I wonder if any other countries caught onto democracy near the same time as Greece did? I also understand that not all countries follow democracy.

Treemen:100 word challenge

The tree-men are here because the want to bask in the moonlight, and pray to the tree spirits. They are nocturnal, and only come outside when the moon is full. Not many people know where they come from, but there are rumours. Some people say that they live in a cave deep in the Amazon, and some also think that they are an old African tribe, descendants of the Zulus, but no one really knows. But I think that they are Aborigines, from the Australian desert, hiding in the hills of Uluru, avoiding all contact with the outside world. That is where I think they came from.


Asterix, the Gaul


When Getafix, the village’s druid, gets captured by the Romans, Asterix go’s on a quest to save him. But, without the druid’s magic, Asterix gets captured very easily. Now, the whole reason the Romans wanted to capture the druid was to get the secret ingredients off him, so they tried every way to get the secret, and finally the druid agreed to show them. He told them that the key ingredient was strawberry’s, but it wasn’t strawberry season, so the Romans went to so much effort to get the strawberry’s, but it turned out that it just made it taste nice. That made the Romans very mad, and they forced him to do without. He made the brew but it just made the Romans hair grow really long. Then Caesar came and he let the Gauls free.

SRC Letter

Hello, my name is Lachlan and this is my SRC speech. One of the reasons that I should be SRC is that I would organize lots of fundraisers to help the school, and make sure that the school gets lots of money.
To make my class the best that it could be, I will make some rules about ROCC. The first one is that we would only allow minimal talking, with students listening to the teacher for important stuff but we can talk softly during relax time, or during not-so important parts, like before recess. Secondly, I would make more group projects, so kids could work on collaboration, and could be more social with fellow students. We could help the school by making sure that lots of parents join the school fundraising committee, so that parents could get involved in making important decisions for their kids. Also, classes could do rewards for homework, such as crazy cash and free time. This would motivate student’s to do their homework. If your student is reluctant doing homework, they could be persuaded to do their homework because of free time and other fun activities. I do not really want to be SRC representative, but thank you and I hope that you enjoyed my speech.

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