This BTN was about a kid who practiced slam poetry and he was very good. He didn’t give up even when it was hard. He kept going and achieved what he wanted to achieve. How long did it take for him to get good at slam poetry? Does he perform on TV?  I understand that he had to be persistent to achieve his goal.  

100 wc

They ran through the forest with pursuers hot on their heels. They tried to run faster, but they were exhausted. They came to a clearing and had to take cover in the bushes at the edge of the clearing. Their foes came into the open space and quickly surrounded the area, cutting off any means of escape. They held their breath as their enemies crept past their hiding spot. They decided to make a break for it. They had not run far when they felt a sharp pain in their backs. The world slowly faded around them…



This BTN was about how the humans have evolved and looked more into space. Neil Armstrong was the first person to land on the moon. Satalites build by humans relay TV signals to Earth. How long will it take to get people to Mars? Can humans ever find the right technology to go into far away galaxys? I understand that it was hard to design the rocket to get out of the Earths atmosphere.

100 word challenge 29/11/2018

Goal: To use more descriptive language in my writing.

” Hello and welcome to tonights interview with these random, ugly and normal people.” Announced the host.

” What? said Jacob.

“We seem to be on television!”

The host announced that there would be an interview with these people and the show would be continued in 20 minutes.They talked for a little while about what Joe and Jeff, Joes brother did for a living. But Joe and Jeff did not want to share all of their personal information to a random person on live TV.

” We shall leave now!” Exclaimed Jeff.




Lachlan Goals

Reflection for School

My goal for reading is that I want to use words that I do know do breakup hard words into easy words to help me understand the hard word better. My goal for Maths is to learn my 16 times tables. My writing goal was to have better, more descriptive sentences. I need to work more on paragraphing. I also want to learn about my 13, 14 and 15 times tables. I could ask my mum or my sister to quiz me on my times tables. I could work on my writing construction by working extra hard on writing tests.


I have achieved lots off the maths in class and I feel happy that I turn in my homework on a regular basis and I think I have only missed my homework once. I have only been in homework club once. I also think I am improving in my writing. At the start of the year I wasn’t very confident with my writing but I have improved a lot. I think that have improved the most in my writing because I can now make good fluent sentences and sizzling starts. I wasn’t able to do that at the start of the year.

My future goals for grade 6 are to learn hard writing stuff such as all of the punctuation marks because there are some marks that I do not know of and want to know about. I also want to use them in my writing. For maths I want to learn about dividing and multiplying fractions. That would help me with money as well. I should also read books with more complex plots so that can help me in life. For my personal goals I still need to work on not talking so much in class.


This test was made to help NASA see what it would be like on Mars. These kids have been tested to see if they could survive life on Mars. One day NASA hopes to get humans on Mars.

Did the kids actually stay in the classroom for 1 year? Does NASA want to get to Mars really soon, or can they wait a little while?

I understand that it would take a long time to get to Mars. 



inputs and outputs on Edison robot

Some inputs for the Mars rover are the remote control that moves the robot forward. Another input is that the people made the parts for the robot. Some outputs are that the robot uses ‘hands’ to collect stuff that people think is interesting. Another is that the rover uses a camera to make it see.

100 wc

A large gorilla was running down a small side street with yellow bricks. Lots of pretty fast hunters were closing down on him fast. The gorilla ran as fast as he could until he ran into the jungle. He used the vines on the trees to swing on as he raced away from the hunters. He was gaining ground and the shouts of the hunters could no longer be heard. The gorilla kept running until he thought he was far enough away from the hunter. Then he sat down and started eating a banana.

BTN: Solar System

The Solar System has 8 planets. Every year Earth circles around the Sun one time. Someday scientists think that Earth will be destroyed by the Sun when it becomes bigger.

How long will it take for the Earth to be destroyed by the Sun? Will the Sun destroy Uranus as well?

I understand that it will take a long time for the Sun to destroy Earth.